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Ochrona Juwentus
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We hold a position of leadership among security agencies in Poland and serve over 50 thousands clients around the country. The company was incorporated in 1991. Presently it is a capital group of entities, each holding a separate concession of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and specialising in a specific domain of property protection. The combined capacity of that group guarantees our clients comprehensive service.

We are a responsible and financially reliable company, unlike those which disappear from the market or file for bankruptcy in the event of a loss caused by negligence in service delivery. We hold a third-party insurance against tort liability and contract breach of up to PLN8 million as well as individual third-party liability policies for all our security guards of up to PLN100 thousand. 

We are active members of our industry and supra-industry employers’ organizations, such as: the “Security” – Polish Employers’ Association; the „Polalarm” National Association of Alarm Systems Manufacturers, Designers and Installers; the Polish Chamber of Personal and Property Protection; and Business Center Club.

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