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Coberon Sp. z o.o. (Coberon Chronos Group)
Rodzaj firmy pośrednictwo pracy
Specjalizacje Human Resources, Kadry
Rok założenia 2003
Wielkość firmy do 3000 pracowników

Chronos Consulting's continuing mission is to provide uniquely flexible and innovative recruitmentpayroll, local staffing and IT outsourcing solutions in key global markets.

Chronos Consulting was founded by British, American and Swedish entrepreneurs, and is operating in the business of human resourcing services since late 1990s by being part of theCoberon-Chronos Group, with the support and experience of a multinational team. 

Chronos Consulting provides HR services and implemented successful search & selection, payroll services for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies globally in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and Asia as well. Chronos Consulting combines its international experience with local market data to offer long-term recruitment, paíroll and HR consultancy solutions globally.

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